Wandering Star

Personal Work, 05/2023  

Would you like to enter the world of stars? Watch how they wander, interact, and experience their life? As a protagonist or a side viewer, you'll be thrust into their world, fully immersing yourself and experiencing their existence with your whole heart.

ITP Graduate Thesis

La shell 2024 spring exhibition: dream

Project Overview

VR experience about the world of stars.

Wandering Star is an immersive VR experience formatted like a 3D picture storybook. Within this world reside star creatures, and as people navigate through various scenes, they interact with rocks, flames, and butterflies flapping their wings. These elements refer to gravity, energy, and emotion, which are essential aspects in the lifecycle of a star creature.

Instead of traditional storytelling, Wandering Star utilizes 'world experiencing' as the foundation for its narrative. When individuals wear VR devices and are thrust into an unfamiliar new world, they naturally feel compelled to explore everything they observe, akin to a newborn discovering its surroundings. This instinct to experience and learn is inherent in navigating a new world. In this VR experience, the world that stars inhabit is detailed and unbounded, constrained only by the limitations of the virtual world itself. People can assume the role of a star or simply observe from the sidelines, but they exist in this world, free to explore.

World Experiencing

from Traditional storytelling to VR world experiencing

In the context of virtual reality (VR) or immersive storytelling, 'world experiencing' refers to the act of engaging with and exploring virtual environments or worlds. It involves using VR technology to transport oneself into a digitally rendered space where one can interact with objects, characters, and elements of the virtual environment.

When a storybook transitions into VR, is there still a need for a story? In traditional picture storybooks, the narrative is confined to a provided 2D view, and readers naturally accept and understand this limitation. However, in the context of 3D VR, when we grant the freedom for the 'reader' to explore this world, intentionally guiding them to follow specific narratives becomes unnatural. With the ability to perceive the vast possibilities of this world, confining oneself to a predetermined path feels overly restrictive.

The traditional narrative approach often involves purposeful language use, with illustrations, backgrounds, and characters serving as one-sided means to rationalize the storytelling. However, as we step into the virtual world, storytelling no longer relies solely on various elements to convince viewers to believe. Instead, it begins with establishing a detailed immersive world, where the story unfolds within this specific environment naturally through world experiencing.

Visual Details

In space, forest and bushes