Tomato Surfing

Collaborative Work, 04/2023  

You wake up in the kitchen of a prestigious bio-engineering laboratory. You examine yourself in the reflection of a big pot nearby and discover that you’re, in fact, a fresh organic tomato!

Team Members :

Genggeng Wu
(3D developer)

Tina Chen
(Media designer)

Shiqi Wang
(Physical Interaction designer)

Project Overview

a tomato comes to save the world...

Tomato Surfing is a cinematic ride experience that involves a ride machine and a multi-sensory setup. The story explores the relationship between humans and nature, the devastating impact of extreme bioengineering on the environment, and the consequences of humans losing control over their creations. The main character of this ride is a tomato, and the audience explores the world from its perspective. This tomato was once an ordinary organic fruit, brought into the lab by scientists to undergo mutation experiments.

Story Background

It’s the year 2223. In this dystopian city, Natura, all fruits and vegetables are produced with bioengineering. In a prestigious bioengineering laboratory, when the lead scientist, Dr. Biohm accidentally spills over a new chemical, a fresh, organic tomato gains consciousness and goes on a journey to reset the world back to its natural state, while fighting off extremely mutated veggie monsters and uncovering the evils of this world.

City Natura

Veggies are the silent accomplices that raised by bio-engineers. They don’t understand why tomato want to reset the system and recover the world as well as veggies to original.  Their mutated gene diminish their hope to return to their normal state.
Bio-engineers is a group of people who is very hardworking on inventing advanced planting technology, but at the same time ignorant to the damage of their actions.

Experimental plantation capsule

Bio-engineer Dr.Biohm


The escape journey of tomato


Tomato came alive and escape from the lab
It fight with veggies and reset the world

Route Plan

Scenes Sketch

I - Experimental plantation
II - Mutation breeding lab
III - Underground control center

Cardboard Prototype

Visual Details

3D worldbuilding plantation in city 'Natura'

Main Scenes

Scene I - Experimental plantation
Scene II - Mutation breeding lab
Scene III - Underground control center

Other Scene

Underground entrance

Plantation Bush

Ride Pace

Amusement park experience

Act 1 - Small

Tomato gains consciousness, player starts the ride

Act2 - Big

Tomato runs from scientists and explores the plantation

Act3 - Small

Tomato reaches cpntrol center, attempts to reset the program

Animatronic Ride

Physical Computing and Multisensory Device

Ride Simulate

Linking the ride simulator to imitate character movements

Dolby spacial audio

Creating realistic audio experience through multiple speakers.

Sensory Effect

Additional sensory effect including light changes and wind

Physcial Setup