Avatar Room

Collaborative work, 01/2023  

Biases are consistent in the world around us. They define our definition of ourselves, as we often tend to perceive ourselves through binary social constructs, such as race, gender or ethnicity.

Our goal in building Avatar Room is to defy these limitations. You create your avatar using abstract shapes, promoting greater self-expression and self-representation. You can conceptualize yourself as more than a human, as a creation of your imagination.

MIT Reality Hack 2023: Best Use in Web3

Team Members :

Yixuan Liu

Genggeng Wu

Scarlett Spade


Recreating self-identity through abstract avatar creation

Avatar Room is a real-time avatar creation VR application that focuses on body parts and self-identity. It allows you to create your own avatar body in abstract shapes through a VR headset. After creating your avatar, you can save it as an identity to represent yourself in all occasions. With the combination of abstract shapes and body parts, traditional biases on identity and body shape are redirected towards a more open-minded perspective.

Avatar Creation

Assemble your own body part

From empty to entity

Traditional avatar-making functions always focus on face and head creation, often ignoring the body, and do not show the avatar on your body in real-time. This makes it hard for people to feel connected to their avatars. In Avatar Room, we focus on whole-body creation, exploring the changeability of body parts and creating an immersive 3D avatar creation experience in virtual space. The body is divided based on anatomical sections, allowing users to choose objects in different shapes and attach them to specific body parts.

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Sketch your body to prepare

Assemble your body with shapes

From Virtual to Real

After creating your avatar in virtual space, you can save it and turn this into a Solana NFT, and export it to our React Native app. From there, you can use an identity card to conjure your NFT using AR. In future iterations, we hope to integrate your avatar into different games and platforms, as well as allow you to share it with friends on a social media platform.


Sketches and Iterations


Our original idea is to sculpt your body by hand in VR. Just like making pottery with clay, the shaping process is free and fun. You can use the artistic creation of your own body as a new representation of your virtual and real life through NFT and AR applications.


Due to limited time and technology in Unity, we have altered the original free-shaping function to a selection-based assembly method. We provide predefined abstract body part shapes on the 'shape plants'(Img.2) and allow the selection of different shapes for different parts of the body. The body is divided based on anatomical bone structure(Img.1), enabling players to create their own avatars within these constraints while maintaining the concept of challenging stereotypical body images.

A changing room for making new avatar



collaborated in Mit Reality Hack 2023